Percentage Problems

1) In a company of 2000 employees 60% are males of whom 20% are programmers.  If of all the employees, 25% are programmers then what percent of the females of the town are male?
A) 21.5
B) 32.5
C) 31.5
D) 41.5

2) The price of the book is increased by 25% and then reduced by 25%.  What is the final price of the book?
A) 91.75
B) 92.75
C) 95.75
D) 93.75
3) The price of an shirt was increased by r%.  Later the new price was decreased by r%.  If the latest price was Rs. 1 then what is the original price?
A) R
B) 2r
C) 100/(100-r2)
D) 10000/(10000-r2)
4) Raju has made an investment in the share market.  He had the income in the year 2009 such that he had earned a profit of 20% on his investment in the business.  In the year 2010 his investment was less by Rs. 5000 but still he had the same income as that in 2009.  Thus the profit % earned in 2009 increased by 5%.  What was Raju’s investment?
A) 105,000
B) 125,000
C) 135,000
D) 102,500
5) In a fraction if the numerator is increased by 60% and the denominator is increased by 40% then what fraction of the original is the new fraction?
A) 7/8
B) 8/7
C) 9/7
D) 9/8
6) If price rises at the rate of 7% per annum what will be Rs. 49 cost at the end of two years?
A) 55.1
B) 54.1
C) 50.1
D) 56.1
7) The population of a town 2 years ago was 65,000.  Due to migration the population decreases  at the rate of 5% per annum.  What is the present population of the town?
A) 58662
B) 57772
C) 56009
D) 57000
8) The value of machine depreciates at the rate of 25% every year.  It was purchased three years ago.  If its present value is Rs. 8500 what was its purchase price?
A) 20148.14
B) 25000.14
C) 23123.50
D) 25250.15
9) Arjun’s cricket score has ups and downs in each year.  His score increased two consecutive years consistently by 25% and in the third year it decreases by 20%.  Again in the next two years it increases by 15% each year and decreases by 10% in the third year. If we start counting from the year 1998 approximately what will be effect of his score in 2002?
A) 55.25
B) 56.25
C) 57.25
D) 58.25
10) The total population of a school is 4000 in 2010.  In 2011 the number of boys increased by 10% and the number of girls increased by 15% and consequently the total population of the school becomes 5000.  Find out the number of boys?
A) 5000
B) 8000
C) 7000
D) 6000


1) B
2) D
3) D
4) A
5) B
6) D
7) A
8) A
9) B
10) B
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