Mixed Quant 1

(1.)The compound interest incurred on a particular sum for 2 years and at rate of interest 10% per annum is Rs 630. The simple interest for double the time and half the interest on the same sum will be

(2.)From a group of 5 males and 5 females, a committee of 5 members is to be formed. In how many ways it can be done?

(3.)The average of 5 consecutive even numbers A, B, C, D and E is 106. What is product of B and D?

(4.)1n a certain month, Anil deposited 12% of his salary in one of his bank accounts and 12.5% of the balance in another of his bank accounts. He deposited Rs. 560 more in the first account than in the second account. Find his salary.

(5.)A well with 14m inside diameter is dug 10m deep. Earth taken out around it to a width of 21 m to form an embankment. The height (in metres) of the embankment

(6.)30 men is supposed to do a work in 47 days,after 25 days 10 more man where employed and the
work got completed in 1 day before how many days would it have been delayed if 10 men were not added?

(7.)An article was sold at certain price and there was a profit of 15%. If it would have been sold at Rs 120 less there would have a loss of 10%. Find the cost price of the article

(8.)A constructor has to build a tunnel 12 km long in 300 days so he employed 25 men after 200 days only 4 km of the tunnel is completed find the no. of extra man to be employed ?

(9.)A two digit number is seven times the sum of its digits. If each digit is increased by 2, the number thus obtained is more than six times the sum of its digit by 4. Find the number

(10)A builder decided to build a house in 30 days . he engaged 100 men in beginning and 100 more after 20 days and completed the work on time . if he had not employed the additional men . how many days more have been taken to do the work?

1. 600
2. 10C5
3. 11232
4. 102000
5.  2/3..............{pi*28*28*H - pi*7*7*H = pi*7*7*10}
6.  6 days
7.  480
8.  75
9.  42
10. 10

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