Puzzle No. 1

Eight friends Anisha, Bidisha, Charu, Dhawal, Ellie, Farhan, Gerrit and Himesh are sitting around a circular table, not necessarily in the same order. Four of them are facing outside and four of them are facing the centre. Ellie faces outside and both the immediate neighbors of Ellie face the centre. Himesh sits second to the right of Ellie. Bidisha sits third to the left of Ellie. Both the immediate neighbors of Dhawal are facing outside but Dhawal faces the center. Bidisha sits third to the right of Himesh. Garvit sits second to the left of Anisha. Charu is an immediate neighbor of Garvit. Dhawal is an immediate neighbor of Farhan. Dhawal is not an immediate neighbor of Bidisha.

1. who is th neighbour of charu?
A. Himesh
B. Bidisha
C. Dhawal
D. Anisha

2. which one of the following sitting inwards?
A. Charu
B. Bidisha
C. Garvit
D. cannot determine.

3. who is sitting third to the right of Dhawal?
A. Charu
B. Farhan
C. Ellie
D. None

4. who is sitting opposite of Charu?
A. Dhawal
B. Ellie
C. Farhan
D. Himesh

5. who is immediate right of Farhan?
A. Dhawal
B. Garvit
C. Himesh
D. Ellie


1. B
2. D
3. A
4. B
5. A

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